Good cooking is an art but also a delight for the eyes and for the palate … We therefore indulge ourselves by putting this art into practice for your eyes and our stomach … All our dishes are made according to historical recipes, corresponding to the period that we represent.

We organized a medieval 7-course banquet at the Walraversijde estate in May 2016, for a delighted audience. They are not yet available but as soon as possible, the photos of this banquet will be posted on the site.

Some pictures

Small almond pastes on osties
Preparation of headed water
Cooking a baston in its mold
Like an experienced tamelière, our cook takes the breads out of the oven
Multi-layered dried fruit pie
Knead the pie dough for a long time, it will only be better
The meats constituting the burps are prepared and stuffed
A basket full of vegetables from the market, a good capon waiting to be cooked, a good broth in perspective
Carrots of all colors, roasted meats and hypocras.  What good food at our table
Quail stuffed with fresh cheese and bacon, pan-fried mushrooms, enough to eat
How not to make a good meal with that?
Ready to eat.  And the meal is promising ...

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