Everyday life

e bring characters back to life by taking into account their historical context, their environment and their social class: from the jousting jousting of a small lord to the story of a maker of merals, through the adventures of a bastons seller.

Every camp contains scenes of everyday life. We try to make them as realistic as possible from a historical point of view.

Work, games, laundry, dishes, living, calligraphy, all this is of course part of everyday life. It goes without saying that we do not just do it but also provide the explanations to the public wanting to know more.

Some pictures


The lady keeps the accounts of the house
Maintain the fire to be able to cook the meal
The washerwomen at work
Washerwomen at work
Nothing more comfortable than a well-made bed
Redoing the beds, a daily job
The lady gives her orders to the working women
The meats constituting the burps are prepared and stuffed
Around a good meal

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