Knight’s fight

We participate in all types of combat: Mass combat (melee), duels (knights, squires), archery and artillery …

For mass combat, we use swords, weapon axes, spears, vows and others… For duels, the dagger is also available. It goes without saying that we can provide all the explanations on the weapons and armor used, the advantages and disadvantages of each one as well as demonstrations of use of these weapons in instinctive combat.

Some pictures

Duel with the sword during the tournament of the squires of Walraversijde
Duel with the sword during the tournament of the knights of Walraversijde
Duel (weapon ax against sword) during a tournament
Combat during a melee.
Mass Combat - Melee in a Foot Joust
Combat in a melee, all hits are allowed
The archer prepares to shoot
Bow fishing during an archery tournament in Vireux-Molhain
To shoot with a bow, you start by notching your arrow
An apprentice archer

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