Coat of arms of the basket weavers corporation
Coat of arms of the basket weavers corporation

Basketry (or the art of making woven objects with stems and plant fibers) is a very old craft that has always occupied an important place in everyday life. Whether for baskets, hoods or even some hats. In the Middle Ages, many people had some skills in the field. It was indeed often useful to make, buy or repair different types of basketry objects.

The basins and hoods are perfectly suited to work on construction sites. Indeed, their low empty weight, their resistance and the available volume make them practical for transporting heavy materials such as sand, earth or mortar.

An example of the use of basketry which one would not naturally think of but which was important at the time is beekeeping. In fact, both beehives and beekeepers’ protective masks were part of basketry work.

The different tools used for basketry: billhook, bat, punches, ...
Basket being made by the basket maker.  White wicker, lost end fill
The basket maker at work.  In progress: loose end filling of a round white wicker bottom

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